What does it mean to be “fellowship trained”? Dr. Rampton has shown the highest level of dedication to the field of podiatry and has achieved the highest level of training. While surgery should rarely be the first solution, it is incredibly important to choose the right surgeon when the situation calls for it. Without a doubt, Dr. Riley Rampton is that surgeon.


The value of great health care comes from great service. Feeling loved and getting feedback from my patients provides growth, improves outcomes, and boosts confidence.

See what some grateful patients have had to say about their experiences and interactions with Dr. Rampton and his team.

“Dr Rampton was so attentive to my daughter's broken toe, he explained how to care for her injury, what to look for, and really put her mind at ease.”


“Love Dr. Rampton. We are always happy with him and his attentiveness. He seems to really enjoy teaching his staff to do new things.”


“Fantastic doctor! Very involved, very personable, and very knowledgeable!”


“Dr. Rampton is fantastic!”


“Dr. Rampton is the best. I had a problem with my foot for 4 years and after my first visit, Dr. Rampton found and fixed the problem. Thanks very much.”


“I am so grateful for Dr.Rampton, he gave me my life back. I can walk and play with my grandkids. I was diagnosed with Charcot foot. He repaired it, even when I broke it a second time and other doctors would have amputated, he repaired it. So if you have a foot problem, he’s the man to see!”


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"Always have a plan and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident." — Chuck Knox

"Always have a plan and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident." — Chuck Knox

Knowing what to look for during treatment is planning successfully and being prepared. Dr. Rampton’s training and experience guides him all his interactions with his patients, anywhere from ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot to peripheral neuropathy and total ankle reconstruction surgery. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of services Dr. Rampton offers. However, the list does not entirely encompass his body of work. For more information, feel free to contact us online or call the office.


Dr. Riley Joseph Rampton is a fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon and is a native of Utah. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and attended the California School of Podiatric Medicine. As a medical student, he excelled in the classroom and held leadership positions in student organizations at local and national levels. Dr. Rampton completed a foot and ankle surgical residency in northern Colorado in which he received extensive training in both conservative and surgical management of foot and ankle pathologies.






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