What are plantar warts?

In podiatry, the most common type of wart is a plantar wart. A plantar wart refers to a small growth on the sole of your foot exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes through a sore or small tear. Warts can develop anywhere on your feet, but most commonly on the sole.

There are two main types of plantar warts: Single warts and mosaic warts. As the name suggests, a single wart refers to the growth of one wart on your foot that can increase in size over time. Mosaic warts refer to multiple warts that cluster together in a single area.

Plantar warts are incredibly contagious. They can quickly spread through contact with another person or through an object multiple people have touched. You can also develop a plantar wart if you walk barefoot in the dirt around a playground, pool, or locker room.

What symptoms develop due to plantar warts?

Since plantar warts typically grow on the sole of your foot, they’re exposed to increased pressure with every step you take. As a result, the wart can dig deep into the foot and cause severe pain in the process.

Plantar warts often look like a rough callus because the area of skin they grow on is thick and rough. The team at specialists can help you make that distinction.

What treatments are available for warts?

While plantar warts typically fade on their own, this can take a long time, and the longer it takes, the more continuous discomfort you’ll experience.

The podiatry team at specialists recommends that you book an appointment to treat the wart right away to avoid unnecessary pain and the spread of the virus.

If you’ve noticed that your wart has started to bleed, spread, and has made walking difficult, you should seek medical attention immediately, especially if you have diabetes.

Your podiatrist may prescribe salicylic acid that you can apply directly on the wart to soften it. They might also freeze the wart off or use topical treatments to make it go away. In some extreme cases, your doctor might recommend the surgical removal of the wart.

Warts are no fun. Your expert podiatrist can help get rid of them expediently and get you back on your feet pain-free in no time. Call or go online to schedule an appointment at the location most convenient for you.

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